14.Loni Price
Thank you so much for all of the beautiful pictures! We had such a wonderful time at our daughters Sweet 16 party and are grateful that you were there to capture every moment for us. There is so much that goes into planning such an event and it can be very overwhelming so it was really nice to know that we did not have to worry about the photos...we knew they would be great! We cannot thank you enough and are looking forward to having our family photos taken by you as well!!
13.Ann Henry(non-registered)
Some lovely photos, Rick. And I like the music, too.
Thank you for this beautiful photos!
photos with visual clarity and detail without compromising emotional impact: fantastic compositions!
Very beautiful website and divine photos!!!
9.Anne from DTBM(non-registered)
Your website is lovely and the music sublime, I am so grateful I got to see it.
I frequently enjoy taking time out of my day to look at the great work you accomplish... you have a gift! So, just so we make this clear, I am the oldest, so I get your camera & stuff in the will so I can try to continue your legacy, lol!
7.David Futch(non-registered)
Hi Richard,
It was great seeing you recently at Fort Mose. I'm glad we had the chance to reconnect. I absolutely love your work!
5.Kim Bitner(non-registered)
Daddy, Im so proud of you...your work is amazing...I love you to the moon and stars!
4.Sierra Montoya(non-registered)
Absolutely gorgeous Uncle Rick! Your Animals are phenomenal, and the Gardens are amazing. I LOVE the black and white bird flying directly into the camera in front of the sun! Beautiful! Keep up the wonderful work!
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